Appraisal and revalidation support for medical professionals

Essential Appraisal and Revalidation Links

There is some excellent information available about appraisal and revalidation from the following sites:

Appraisal and Revalidation document templates

First port of call should be our very own downloadable templates for all aspects of Appraisal and Reflections.

GMC guidance

Another good resource of templates. Their downloadable PDFs summarise the evidence you need to collect for appraisal and revalidation

RCGP Website

This website has excellent GP-specific appraisal advice. Appraisal and revalidation is a fast moving field and just occasionally RCGP information can be slightly at odds with GMC information. Generally, GMC information trumps RCGP information, but most of the time they are well aligned

BMA Revalidation Summary – PDF

This BMA document, Revalidation For NHS GPs is a helpful summary of appraisal essentials.

Other Useful Links

Network Locum is an excellent resource for locum doctors, not least because it features Melissa and Will’s GP Locum Group, an online community for exchanging support and advice.

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