Appraisal and revalidation support for medical professionals
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One of the reassuring things about GP appraising is the level of peer support and education available. We meet as local appraisers at least three times a year and it’s a chance to update on new developments as well as to support each other in the job of delivering good quality appraisals. It’s a similar model to trainers’ workshops and provides the opportunity to share thoughts on how to deliver the best appraisals in more challenging situations. A wise academic once told me that the key to good educational meetings is to make sure you fully employ the ‘twin pillars’ of learning in your sessions, discussion and action. Appraisers’ meetings achieve that. In this meeting we had the action of reviewing written appraisal summaries and plenty of discussion around that. As with GP training workshops, these sessions help you feel more confident in your appraising role.

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